Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers for your questions about the products of Beyza Piliç in this page...

Q: Do you slaughter the chickens according to Islamic rules?

A:Yes. As a brand that has adopted providing products produced according to Islamic rules as a principle, we slaughter the chickens manually by hand without electro-shocking them; our butchers say "Bismillahi Allahü ekber" for each chickens as slaughtering them.

Q: Do you inject hormone to your chickens?

A:No. As a company always giving particular importance to the health of consumers and community, we never use hormone as growing our chickens.

Q: How do the chickens grow up within 45 days?

A: The chickens to be put on the market as white meat are grown by consuming plenty of feeds and without moving too much. This accelerates their growth. This situation can be explained with a sample: Think about a person standing in a room and consuming chocolate, snack, dessert and food continuously without moving too much. It can be seen that this person also puts on weight.

Q: Do your meatballs contain any additives?

A: Beyza Piliç, we do not use any additive in our meatballs that is non-halal and harmful to human health.

Q: How long may I keep the chickens in refrigerator?

A: You can keep the uncooked chicken products for 6 to 7 days at 0°C and the frozen products for 6 months in a deep-freezer.

Q: In which cities do you have selling points?

A: We have selling points in Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Maraş and in the districts of these cities.

Q: Does the Beyza produce egg?

A: Yes. Beyza Piliç has egg farms.

Q: Do you produce chicken feed ?

A: Yes. Beyza Piliç is an integrated firm. We produce all of our products from feed to chick and hatching egg ourselves.