Difference of Beyza Piliç

The most outstanding difference created by Beyza Piliç within the sector of poultry is the implementation of “slaughtering manually by hand without electro-shocking” method and Beyza Piliç is unrivalled in Turkey concerning this method. In this method, the aspects of both “manually by hand” and “without electro-shocking” are of importance.

Beyza Piliç products are granted HALAL FOOD certificate by GIMDES (Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies); and, thus, Beyza Piliç became one of the halal food brands.

The raw materials utilized by Beyza Piliç are conveyed to feed production after being analyzed by experts at company’s laboratories and all chickens bearing the brand of Beyza, which constitutes a symbol of trust, are raised in healthy conditions.

Beyza chickens are monitored by expert veterinaries at all stages of their raising.

Within the production process of Beyza poultry, the method of “air-chilling”, which is much healthier than being immersed in cold water, is used for processing. Besides, ultimate attention is paid on preserving the cold chain and refrigerated vehicles, used commonly for transportation of the food that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature, are utilized for the transportation of Beyza products. p>

The integrated plant of Beyza Piliç, Sinokrot breeding facilities, hatchery, feed plant and raising hennery are all conducting production processes pursuant to the norms of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Besides, through the retail stores established and run again by Beyza Piliç, the company supplies all of its products to the market under healthier and more hygienic conditions.