Adana Meatballs

Adana meatballs, prepared by mixing chicken meat with various spices. The meatballs are untouched by human hands during the process. Pre-cooked product, ready to be consumed by heating.

  • Energy (Kcal):
  • Protein (gr.):
  • Fat (gr.):
  • Weight:
  • 187.0
  • 17.0
  • 13.0
  • 350-1650

The nutritional values are for 100 gr.

Please keep in refrigerator between 0-4°C. Last consumption date is indicated on the package of the product and the product should be consumed before the last consumption date. After opening the package of the product, you can preserve the remaining products by covering with stretch wrap in refrigerator between 0-4°C; such remaining products should be consumed in maximum 5 days.